CLIMATE IN CROATIA - The Adriatic coast region has a Mediterranean climate whose main characteristics are dry and warm summers and humid and mild winters. The average hours of sunshine per year is 2600 especially in the central Adriatic islands. In the coastal regions, average January temperatures range from 5°C to 9°C. In August they vary from 22°C to 25°C average, with sea temperatures from 12°C in winter to 25°C in the summer. Spring and autumn (April, May and October) are usually pleasantly warm, with somewhat stronger winds, which is attractive to more experienced yachtsmen. Croatian Meteorological Service brings regularly updated weather information and forecasts for the entire country as well as general information about the climate in the area. Visit and weather forecast for the Adriatic for more information.

Weather reports are broadcast at following times (UTC):

RIJEKA RADIO VHF Channel 24 – 05:35, 14:35, 19:35

SPLIT RADIO VHF Channels 21, 23, 07, 28 – 05:45, 12:45, 19:45

DUBROVNIK RADIO VHF Channels 04, 07 – 06:25, 13:20, 21:20

VHF for emergencies:

MAYDAY – ship is in danger and seeks emergency help

PAN-PAN – we wish to transmit an emergency message relating to the security of the crew and boat

SECURITE – coastal or boat radio wishes to transmit a message containing a meteorological or navigation warning
WINDS – Croatian winds can be characterized as being light to moderate from September to June with occasional storms, while July and August are generally calm with more frequent storm. During periods of high pressure, the Adriatic displays the classic rhythms of winds from the sea during the day and winds from land during the night.

The bora (bura) and sirocco (siroko) are the most characteristic winds of the Adriatic and are largely responsible for weather patterns. They mainly blow from October to April. The maestral, blowing from the sea, and the burin, blowing from the mainland, are most common in the summer months.

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